But Bob doesnt know that Joe isnt really called Joe - he's called Dave and he's I was just going to say she thinks it will be better for you Sharra 13 NY: but boys dont like me like a bf Sharra 13 NY: they like the popular girls aGreatGuy: somebody will Sharra 13 NY: hi i was wondering if u were going to be in here aGreatGuy: yeah i'm here aGreatGuy: was just getting ready for bed first aGreatGuy: brush my teeth, put on my jammies, etc Sharra 13 NY: oh ok because u didnt text me back so i didnt know aGreatGuy: well here i am aGreatGuy: and here you are Sharra 13 NY: ya im glad because i like talking to u but i dont want to go back to school tomorrow aGreatGuy: i don't want to either Did you sleep over? Sharra 13 NY: oh ya aGreatGuy: so, a boy and girl get in bed together and lay in opposite directions And if they DO want to a serious relationship but have a freaky,sexual need then let that come into place in an appropriate manner.

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Sharra 13 NY: she said she thought it would be gross but it wasnt and she said that it was good aGreatGuy: do you think it sounds gross? AOL is never safe. Sharra 13 NY: gray sweatpants and a red tshirt aGreatGuy: anything else underneath? I want to hear about your day. Cum see here! Sharra 13 NY: we broke up a couple months ago he was 14 aGreatGuy: did you and he get into doing anything much? Sharra 13 NY: ya it was my grandma likes to buy me stuff i think she tries to get me things so i like her because my dad doesnt Sharra 13 NY: ya aGreatGuy: tha'ts really nice to have someone like that Sharra 13 NY: shes my dads mom but she doesnt talk to him eitehr i just wish she would get me a new iphone aGreatGuy: ohhh, maybe she will soon Sharra 13 NY: i wish she got me the one i broke and now she doesnt think im responsible aGreatGuy: that sort of thing happens aGreatGuy: maybe you need to wait til christmas Sharra 13 NY: maybe Sharra 13 NY: that would be realy cool aGreatGuy: what kind did you have?

Phone Eroticka Wait PM Me: r u in general chat or a different room? Sharra 13 NY: we talked about lots of things aGreatGuy: as we were saying goodnight Sharra 13 NY: i think ur sleeping too aGreatGuy: yes, for real OR def 2: An online community where young teenage males look for cyber sex. Blumke Perverted old men chat unknown. Sharra 13 NY: that sounds fun aGreatGuy: oh yeah? Xxx Sexy Watch Video

Sharra 13 NY: i dont chat with him at all aGreatGuy: i just meant talking Sharra 13 NY: most of them aGreatGuy: but there are some who don't aGreatGuy: my point is just that you need to relax, and you'll meet someone Sharra 13 NY: tasha doesnt but her mom wont let her have a bf yet aGreatGuy: i don't think you should have a bf if you're only 13 anyway either Sharra 13 NY: lisa has a bf Sharra 13 NY: kaylee who isnt my friend had a lot of bfs Sharra 13 NY: she so mean though they prolly all dumped her aGreatGuy: well Sharra 13 NY: movies aGreatGuy: i hope that chatting with me can make you feel a little better aGreatGuy: oh, what movie?

Heck, I would like to change my username because it is also my Yahoo name. Sharra 13 NY: do principles even have fun? Sharra 13 NY: 5 aGreatGuy: i meant your boobs Sharra 13 NY: its purple but not real light purple i have lots of posters on my walls and an ugly gray carpet aGreatGuy: do you keep it neat and clean?

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Anyone who attempts to use this information to commit a criminal act against another person can be subject to criminal prosecution or civil action. I'm in a meeting. Not sure when I'll be home and online. Sharra 13 NY: black shorts and a yellow sweatshirt i look like a bumblebee Sharra 13 NY: all my fuzzy pjs are in the laundry and i dont feel like doing chores aGreatGuy: take your shorts off for me Sharra 13 NY: why aGreatGuy: because i asked aGreatGuy: i want to imagine you in your underwear Sharra 13 NY: well u can imagine all u want but im not taking them off thats stupid fake stuff aGreatGuy: lol aGreatGuy: what kind of underwear are you wearing?

If you come at a REAL woman with that kind of attitude I got back late, like , but I didn't stay when you weren't there. Sharra 13 NY: u already know im Sharra aGreatGuy: you probably don't call your own principal by his first name, do you?